About Us

We Are Selling Scratch and Dent Appliances!

Occasionally, when an appliance leaves the factory, it can contain a tiny scratch or dent on it somewhere in the delivery process. However, these appliances are fully functional! When the scratch or dent is discovered in the delivery process, the original company ends up never using it. Here is where we come in! We take these appliances and sell them to our customers for a very good price!

About Our Store

We are a Local Appliance Store

Our store has been opened for less than a year! So come on in and look at the variety of appliances! We try to provide the best service for our customers. Any appliance is tested before they are put up front for sale, any faulty parts we find before sale is also fixed with a brand new part! Our Store also restocks our appliances on a basis.

Warranty Information

We provide Warranties for our products

  • Our appliances come with a 30 day store provided warranty.
    • This will provide maintenance for naturally occuring malfunctions or replace it if it cannot be fixed.
  • Our appliances come with a 1 year third party warranty. The information you need to for activation:
    • Warranty ID Number
    • A Valid Proof of Purchase: recipt or invoice
    • Model Number and the KW number
  • Please note that based on the MSRP of the product, your service may be subject to a deductible.
  • What is NOT Covered:
    • Any product that has been removed outside the United States
    • Any product which the ID number has been defaced, modified or removed, or cannot be readily determined
    • No warranty on water filters, cosmetic parts, such as but not limited to, glass cook tops, glass, trim, knobs, panels, racks, tanks, tubs, baskets, structural parts, doors, door liners, insulation, shelves, hardware, hoses, ice trays, water lines, inlets, recalled units/parts, etc. Details refer to Invoice. ALL WORK performed on this appliance by the customer or another company will void of all warranties.